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Travel + Leisure’s No.1 Trending Destination - Seascape Villa - Cayman Islands - Seven Mile Beach

Travel + Leisure’s No.1 Trending Destination

Travel + Leisure’s No.1 Trending Destination

Travel + Leisure’s No.1 Trending Destination

In the quest for the perfect getaway, travelers are setting their sights on the Cayman Islands, recently crowned as Travel + Leisure’s top trending destination. According to Skyscanner, an authority in travel trends, the desire for white sand beaches, tropical climates, and stress-free holidays closer to home has catapulted island hot spots to the forefront of travel preferences, with the Cayman Islands taking the lead.

This shift in vacation preferences among Americans is evident as traditional destinations like Asia and Europe take a backseat. Instead, the allure of white sand beaches and a laid-back tropical atmosphere draws them to the Cayman Islands, which experienced a staggering 483 percent increase in searches compared to the previous year (2022).

Situated just an hour by plane from Miami, the three Cayman Islands — Grand Cayman, Cayman Brac, and Little Cayman—beckon with nonstop flights from major U.S. cities. Grand Cayman, renowned for luxury resorts and the iconic Seven Mile Beach, promises a lavish retreat.

Cayman Brac, a haven for deep-sea fishing enthusiasts, offers a unique adventure, while Little Cayman stands out as a diving community mecca.

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Plan Your Perfect Getaway

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